Pretty In Black (Pretty in Black, #1) - Rae Hachton I'll admit, when I first started this book it had a real "Buffy" feel to it. With the girl being an ex-cheerleader who'd was now facing some dark times in her life due to a family crisis, and then ending up being the chosen one and proving it by catching the knife being thrown at her head. And then especially when I found that her "mentor's" name was Giles. Crazy...BUT...I will tell you, as I continued to read I fell into this story and found that it was nothing like Buffy and it certainly shined in it's own uniqueness.Marcus Marble is a character that I HAVE to know. Hachton's unique take on a new breed of supernatural had me reading this book in one evening. I simply couldn't put it down. It was quick paced and had me engrossed the entire time.The writing was haunting and I loved it. I can't wait for book two-Black Satin.