Raven in the Grave (Pretty in Black, #3) - Rae Hachton I literally couldn't wait for this book to come out, so I talked Rae into giving me an ARC, and all I can say is...THANK YOU!!This story moves at a slightly slower pace than the previous two books, Pretty in Black, and Black Satin, but don't let that dissuade you. It is perfectly paced for the amount of action and emotion that flows through this amazingly written love story.You feel the feelings, you see the scenery...Ms. Hachton you certainly have a way with words; haunting words, poetic words, words that make me want to cry and force me to turn the page.Nevermore is unlike any other world that I've ever read about, and the spin Rae puts on classic characters somehow makes them new again. Also, one of my favorite things about these books is how the author purposely puts in scenes that remind you of others. The most noticeable for me in this one was the reference to Snow White. It's so subtle, but the fact that it's woven in on purpose makes me so happy when I find them. It's like a treasure hunt inside the story. :)Raven in the Grave finds Marcus Marble battling not only himself, but a new mysterious enemy. The discoveries that are made help to open the eyes of not only Marcus, but the entire court of Nevermore and The Land of Naught. And can I just say...Marcus Marble is H-O-T. The tomb scene, *sigh*. He's a hero with a loving heart but who's bad-ass dark side gets to come out and play and I loved it. I simply can't get enough of Marcus!To say that I love this series would be an understatement. It's dark and edgy, and Hachton's writing style is so unique, that once again I'm left waiting with bated breath for the next one.Five stars!!